Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Save tigers campaign a.k.a Get rid of Shrutis dog campaign

Recently some company known as Aircel came up with a campaign "Save Tigers". It is so lame. Aircel . That name itself is so lame. It looks like Airtels duplicate brand. Have you ever been to roadside shops where you see brands like Nokai, Samsing and Soni? It looks frm those breeds. And above that that save tigers campaign.The tiger shown in the ad is also duplicate. It roars and all comes out is a "meow".. Meow!! did the dubbing people go on strike? It looked as they dyed a domestic cat and kaam chalaoed.
The save tigers campaign is so lame: It actually creates awareness thats its so precious now. So as a typical human being, a typical human being would try to lay hands on it. But as a typical human being would crap his pants hearing the roar of a tiger... so he would try to buy one, hoping that its rate would increase. And its food can be easily taken care of. There are 1411 tigers left all over india, but there are more than 1411 stray dogs in my area itself. One dog per day and the tiger would be sooo happy.
The next part of my proposal:
Shrutis dog.
Yes shruti has a dog, which is a miniature pom.She wants to sell it. And she claims that its just 2 weeks old. I dont belive her at all. Miniature pom wil lbe small all his life. So mebbe its 2 years old and shruti got bored of it and before going for MBA, she wants to get rid of it. I should be in FBI.

miniature pom: yeah its such a loser thing. First of all Poms are irritating.. and now this mini pom. His name is Scooby. First of all his name should have been scrappy (cos thats the small one). But yeah the song fits him na...Scooby dooby doo where are u .... cos its so small u cannot find it.
A miniature pom is not even so small that it can be used as a chihuahua accessory. It may fit in the bhaaji bag. But that bastard might eat off the bhaji too.
A mini pom might not even guarantee you safety. You buy dogs for safety (if not as an accessory). Its supposed to hand over its ass to the robber before he gets to your. But a mini pom, the robber might not even see it and step over it and kill it in an instant... then its ur ass.
An untrained mini pom: The dog is supposed to be 2 weeks old. so its not potty trained. so it will crap all over your house. But most worrying part is its poop size.
My defense: imagine you get a chick home and are just going to make out. After many many days.
Chick: "janeman bahut dino se mujhe tadpaaya hai"
You: "yeah baby lets..."
Background sound: Turrrrrr
Actually that sound was actually made by a moving chair. But as your mini pom crapped all over the place, and its mini poop, you cannot even see it without a microscope to clean it. It just smells like crap.
Chick: "Chee! Paad mari ke! koi aur time nahi milaa thaaa! jao mera mood kharaab ho gaya hai!!"
See!! your personal life can be as devastating as that!!
Now as I generated enough hatred against miniature poms,

My actual proposal to save tigers:
Main strategy: Instead of giving more focus to the tigers, the concept is to move the attention from tigers. Or make tigers uncoool.
Strategy1: Spread rumours
Spread rumors that eating mini pom meat will enhance your virility. And as even women have lots of buying power today...spread that Kareena got her size zero by eating Mini pom salaami sandwiches. You can spread the word by planting in agents in bars and pubs.
Agent: You know after this beer i am gonna bang 2 women. But thats cos i need to go to office tomo other wise....
Aam janta: wat wat wat!! most of us are gonna go home.. go to desibaba and wank off and sleep. How come you are so lucky! And ur face is soo baaad and u are so cheao that u are drinking fosters cos its 1+1 free!
Agent: hehe yeah... thats cos of the Mini pom-Mega effect powder I take ;)

Strategy 2: Make tiger hunting look gay
Yeah have you ever observed why only men go for hunting while the women of the house stay in home making cookies? yeah. We will photoshop a group of hunters having a gay orgy after tiger hunting and will float it through the time tested MMS channel. It will surely reach the corporate boardroom to every kid in school. After that who wants to hunt anyway?

Strategy 3:Make more bizzare species
Mini pom itself is soo bizzare. If mini pom can do so much of magic. How about Micro pom and.... Nano Pom!!
The Tigers of the world .. the messiah has arrived!!


Anvith said...

Dude.. this was a major rant. All i remember is Lame, mini pom, save tiger, chick..:D

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