Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last day at Persistent

Well this day was bound to happen since I resigned two months back. But I never felt anything different about it. Till now. Well as I enter my office... suddenly it becomes different. I realize that all the things I am doing.. I am doing for the last time. From flashing my id in front of the guard to going out of the exit.
The general feeling is that usually we neglect so many small things during our usual course of life. The pantry where we spend time gossiping, the favourite spots we have for doing stuff, the discussion rooms. I started noticing it on the last day :P
Even logging into my system has a feel to it. because it was my machine. Last day  I realized I had so many friends around and so may be many more of I had looked around earlier. One particular thing I observed was that as I was passing  by various places/ things... the memories attached to those places started flashing across my mind. The enthu with which we pumped iron in the gym, the way the entire team used to storm the loo, those coffee machine pranks (swapping tea powder with coffee),

Pantry: This was the place where most of the idle time used to be spent. I have fond memories having tasty banana chips before the recession fucked us all and they started keeping Marie. More than the pantry its the gala time we had. We used to have tea every 2 hours. Like a wedding baaraat the entire team used to go together. Our laughter used to be so loud that people used to recognize that its us even if they were sitting far away.

Cafeteria: Thats the favourite place for most of the employees. No its not for the food. Its for seeing faces. Not always of chicks. After spending whole day seeing the same faces of the people in your team, its a relief to see some different faces. Yeah and chicks. Such was the reputation of our lecherous team that we used to joke that no girl would dare to sit in the 15 mts radius from us. This is the place where most of the gossips start.
Who looks frustrated (I guess most of us are)

Who is going out with whom?
Who is chaatoing whose ass?
And yes the food. Well the less said is better. From the jokes that the wierd tasting curd is actually made of dog milk (eww i knw) to sudhir taking truckloads of paneer. We were such losers that typically we used to not take atleast one item from the table. In case some new hot chick turned up, some one used to run to the table to stealthily read her name from her Id card.
I have seen so many girls take only one roti for lunch. one roti!! I seriously suspect that those girls must be bringing dabba to office (having 500 rotis) and they finish it up slealthily in their cubicles before they come up to have their 1 roti lunch. :P
Gym: I like this part. There was a phase when the entire team was fired up for doing gym. There is a hunk named Avinash who taught us all the nitty gritties of gymming. Such was the aura that we used to go to office for gym rather than work. We used to be such health freaks that we used to have proper diet all the time. Tea time was replaced by Protein shake time, snacks time was now sprouts time. The best thing was anda party. We used to get 10-15 eggs each and eat them in the afternoon. I had never boiled eggs.
Me: How to boil eggs?
Rohit: Arey nothing re... keep them in a vessel, cover it and let it boil for 20 mins.
Me: Oh cool ... But i need to keep a timer
Rohit: No re, u go and have bath and come back.
I followed the instructions and got the eggs to office. Awesome! Now when the anda party started, I took out one egg and cracked it on my desk. Shittt,.... It was not completely boiled and I messed my entire desk. Seems that I dont take 20 mins for a bath, though I wonder what Rohit does for such a long time in bathroom ;)
I reaally really miss gymming like that :(
Afternoon naps: This was the specialty of our team. After lunch atleast one of us used to go to the comfy couch and take a nice nap. No it was not the power nap which is recommended by management gurus. Its the big fucking lazy bum nap which used to last for 2 hours! Once coincidently the entire development team was napping and the Vice president came and saw us.  I opened my eyes , saw him and closed them again. The damage had been done. No use of damage control. Fuck it :P Later the other team members were shocked to knw that I did not care to wake them up.
Birthday celebrations: Yes we still cut cake and all on birthdays. Most of the time we dont even know who is the birthday bastard. It is a nice place for people to meetup. There are soo many people around nearby but we never meet them. We used to have a great time cracking jokes about each other and pulling each other`s leg for the greediness with which they pounce on the cake.
Once I was joking about the birthday boy.. as I did not know who this guy was.
Me: His name is so wierd. Sambhaji. What if someone asks you what did u have for lunch.. the answer would be "Some bhaji"
Others around: Rolling in laughter. One person not so laughing.
Later on he cut the cake. :D
Knowledge Transfer: Well these sessions are held so that the new person does not feel fucked when he has to clean up the shit. (fix the bugs). But those sessions were used to uncover mini-scams which no one else knew till now. Some illegal copyright violated code, some known corner cases which crashes the system, some super inefficient methods used. These were the things I never told anyone but thought that it would be better if they know now.
Cleaning up the desk: The desk will unearth a loadful of memories. Bills of team parties, photos, pens of team members, chocolates (I gave it away to Rohit cos I was not sure of the expiry date). But there were some things in it which i did not expect. There were two apples almost about to rot. There was one white lungi!! lungi in my desk! No idea how it ended up in my drawer.
Court Martial: Yeah this part was a bit touchy. During my last days .. I was not feeling that bad.. that was because all of my team mates, friends from office and my belongings were still there with me. At six o`clock I had to surrender my access card and my pc. I was all chilled about it till that guy said, "As soon as you surrender the access card you are supposed to leave the organization!". Crap!! I had loads of things to do.
I wanted to meet my team  mates as teammates for the last time. Wanted to meet my Manager as a manager for the last time. Usually my floor (Not mine anymore) is unguarded and I thought I will tailgate to my cubicle. But as luck would have it that day it was being guarded. That guard did not allow me to go inside! Within 10 minutes I could not even enter!! But ..Fuck fuckety fuck ..I dont give a fuck to the rules... The moment that guard went away, I tailgated inside and met all my people for the last time. Heehawww
Outside locations: One funny thing I observed is that on they way you will find many places which will remind you of moments spent. The pan shop, the chai waala, the ice cream waala, the beer waala :D
The feeling is awesome because u are so much in that mood.
The farewell dinner: Though not an official one, It was by my team and it was an awesome one. That time everyone  started bitching about the team, the manager, the company, the policies, the system and everything else. Such was the atmosphere that even the most decent guy in our team used swear words for the first time. Now thats an achievement. After that we went to Rohits house to have our own barbeque. It was so awesome because it was awesome.
Rs 50 for a big fat earthen pot
Rs 60 For charcoal (we bought 4 kgs but used only 2)
Rs 20 -30 for the kebab rods... (we used cycle spokes.. though we could do better)
Some chicken pieces, some paneer pieces, Ready made tandoori chicken masaala
And we had awesome fun at Rohit`s balcony. Its one of the most well arranged party decided on the fly.

Now while writing this article, I am sitting at home all the day, chilling out, relaxing and badly missing my team :)