Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ghinastic... well this is a word coined by my friend to describe 'ghinau'. Well for the people who are well versed with hindi know that this article is not for ones with a weak heart. For the others... this article will describe all those incidents in my life which made me/my friends say "ewwwwwwwww"

Slumdog Silly-onaire
This incident took place when i was in school. We had a project thingy for which i had to go to my friends place after school. While going to his place we had to go through this slum. I noticed that one kulfiwala was going past us. I wanted to have it. My friend was shocked at the desire. But then i coaxed him into it. Chappri toh it was, It did not cost us more than 2-3 ruppees and we were happily licking it off. Then came one kinetic honda and we heard some 'eeeee' type screams. We looked at those people and realized that they were girls from our class. we were feeling soooooo embarrassed and instantly my friend started blaming me for it :) while i continued licking it blissfully.

Baal Baal bache
Once I had got appams to school and as usual they were attacked by all the people. I noticed that one particular appam was not getting attacked.Happy that I wont be starved, when i picked it up i saw that it had a hair in it. , I pulled out the hair and gobbled it.. ewwwww was the response.

This incident happened very recently when I became a health freak and started getting sprouts to office for snacks. One particular day i forgot to have those sprouts during the day. As luck would have it I had to stay up in office till very late. At 2 in the night I was feeling very hungry. I remembered the sprouts and opened the box. The smell was as if I opened the manhole of a gutter. Immediately I went to my colleague and said "Hey sprouts khaana hai? Spl masaala daal ke laaya hai". The poor (and hungry ) boy leapt at it and had a spoonful of it and spat it down. (He did not have the space left to say ewwwww) I had a good evil laugh.

Same other guy. The culprit was my other colleague. He gifted a banana to this guy, Who once again hungry accepted it greedily and kept it aside. When the night came in... (Yeah we work a lot ...or mebbe we dont thats why we have to stay up :P ) He peeled it and it was all sticky brownish...(i can hear some eeew frm u ). It was obviously unedible. But i challenged him to eat it and he managed one or two bites but then gave up sat down stroking his tummy.. "abbey bahut kharaab thaa" ...Next day the one who gave the banana said that it was rotting at his place with fleas and ants on it .. he just got it for fun and this guy actually ate it up... ewwwwww

Well this is my personal favourite. I used to visit my grandma during summer vacations. Once during the night i was feeling very thirsty. I did not have the balls to go to the kitchen all alone and have water. I decided to steal grandmas water. I knew that she kept a vessel with her. I slowly tiptoed to her and grabbed the vessel and gulped down. I felt something in the vessel. It was her dentures... ewww ewww even today I get nauseated when I recollect those moments.

The baap
This is the baap of the eewws. This one inspired this article. Once my friend was boasting how cleanliness freak he was. He was describing how they had to clean the toilet once in few months when their parents visited their flat. We all were impressed by his habits. Then he said "Yaar sometimes the shit on it is soo stuboorn that it does not go off".. We laughed and asked him what does he do...
The reply was"No option but i scratch it off with my nails"
Till this date i shudder to shake hands with him. (ewww is teeny weeny for this.)


Teji said...

eeeewwwwww....eeewww.. eeww.. eeeww.. eeeeewwww...
the ast one is a real eeww..

Kartik Sura said...

yeah the last one is the winner :D

Piya said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yakkk....i actually puked.. u stupid..

Kartik Sura said...

awww i am shoo sorry :) But I had given a statutory warning :)

srt said...

I gues i know ur frnd

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