Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hard'ly' working techies

Ok this article will not be posted in our company blog..Well status meetings can be interesting when your work status indicates that you have been coming to the office primarily to warm the chair.
Many times we give the status of some task though the real status is something else... "my" observations:

Status: I will investigate:
Actual Status: You have no idea what the task is
You have been assigned some task. You have been given a deadline. Your colleagues suddenly look too busy to help (spoonfeed) you. You have no idea what it actually means. You dont dare to ask again for a detailed explanation (cos you confidently nodded and pretended you got everything). You dont know what to do :D

Status: Thoda baaki hai
Actual Status: Chalu karna hai
Well the investigation phase is over now. Your frantic search on revealed that with some more clever searching you will get a ready made snippet. You sit back and relax. God bless codeproject:)

Status: I have an idea
Actual Status: Someone ..somewhere faraway has an idea. And that someone is NOT you.
This is a phase where you dont worry about the task much. Someone has already slogged in for you. You have the code. You just have to integrate and compile it..heehawwww

Status: Its done but...
Actual Status: The compiler is giving just one error. otherwise everything looks good.
Well you integrated it and compiled it.. its not compiling... you search the place where you downloaded the code for some clues... you will find one or two people already shouting about the same problem... but noone is caring :( Lateron when it actually compiles the output is nowhere as nice as the screenshot shown. It resembles one of the forwarded mails having celeb pics with and without makeup.

Status:We will have to look into this
Actual status: Now 'we' will have to sit down and actually think about the solution.
well the 'we' meant that you sincerely wish that there is atleast one more soul for helping you out. Its humiliating when you alone get a dressing down. Its fun when you are with some one else. Its thrilling when its the entire group getting f`ed in the a.

Status: What the f....
Actual status: your code is alright..someone else has done some shit and ur code is not working.Yes mere cheeteeh you are the hero someelse is the zero. you get angry.. shout and scream cos its because of these morons that the world is what it is today. You wish that person did not exist..

Status: Oh No
Actual status: There is no someone. you have fucked up something.
The expletive is removed as the culprit is yourself. Well sometimes you are the zero. You try to cool people down. You give out a biggg big smile trying to be sweet and nice. (indicating that though the code is screwed now are actually such a nice person ). The world is not such a bad place to live...yaar. You wish you had read the instructions before copy pasting the code which said that the code works only when there is a solar eclipse happening.

Well well such is the life of a techie. One of my friends actually claimed that he had finished the code and only thing remaining was checking in the code. He had not started with it at all. The managers demands for a demo was a cat and mouse chase. Later on somehow he managed to get it done by some teammate and voilaaa "it worked" :)

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