Sunday, May 24, 2009

God Save the Queen

Many times we have heavy influence of our mother tongue on English. We unknowingly say something when actually we want to say something else ... and it gives birth to such articles .... :D

Friend: Hey! Lets go and have snakes!!
Me: Abbey pata hai japan onsite jaana hai tujhe ......lekin uska matlab ye nahi ki tu kutta saap khaana chaalu kare!!
Friend: Abbey Snakes ke liye!! snakes!!!... I feel like eating pohe
My Tubelight: flick flick ting!
Me: Ohh snacks! aise bol na be ..chal chal

Friend#2: (Actually its the same frnd again but why to pull his leg so much)
I was waiting for him so that we could go somewhere. And he just comes.
Friend#2: Hey wait a second I need to go back to my house for a beg.
Me: Abbey @#$##$@! I know that charity begins at home but that does not mean that u should also beg at home!!
Friend#2: Yaar without a beg how will we have fun comfortably?? just a moment
Me (thinking): Tu IT engineer ka naam mitti mein milaa raha hai...whatever
After lots of moments ..yeah lots and lots of moments later he comes with a crumpled 'bag'
Me: (!!!)

Friend#3(This time he is really a different person)
Me: (Waiting again)...After getting frustrated I call him up to ask when will he bless us with his presence.
Friend#3: Yaar, Just a moment. I am taking a bath.I will come in five minutes.
Me (thinking): Eureka!! I always wondered how much a moment means... five minutes i know.... But i did not let my friend know about this eureka chaap discovery ..I did not want him to come out and run on the streets Socrates did... no like Archimedes.

The following incident took place in our college.
The professor was teaching some stuff... and there was mention of laplace. (Laplace transformation something). The professor said "Lap Lace". Some smarty pants corrected him by telling him how it was actually "La Plaaace". Without wasting a moment (no not 5 mins) he said "I dont care whether I say it right or wrong. I am sure that Laplace wont be able to pronounce Phadkule (his name) properly"

Point proven.


Teji said...

so true.. i hate it when they put.. 'e' before the 'S'..
its so irrtatin...

Kartik Sura said...

yeah kya estyle hai
kyaa esmile hai
hahaha yeah

Chirag Dave said...

Surra I never knew you blog! :P...ani the first blog I read happens to make fun of Gujjus!!....dekh loonga tereko ... I'll be bake...asta la vista baby!

Kartik Sura said...

haha no dude....its not gujju at all....but all of them were real life incidences involving me :D

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