Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Exam time!!

Well this is the time when i seriously need to study and i am into these stupid things..
Pune university as usual had made the time table sooo boring. It spans for a month and in this scorching heat i am forced to concentrate on Network information Security and what not...
Well as i always look for short cuts to get that passing marks, Local author seems to be always the choice for me (local author?? if u r wondering what does it mean then wait for my new blog on local authors).
The main problem now is choosing the right book..yeah even the locals are in tough cut throat competetion , outwitting each other and releasing thinner and thinner books...the thinnest wins the race as it is the obvious choice for the aam junta...I usually like the ones which cover the Previous University Papers (Yeah our university just recycles the old friendly ppl)..
Now each day some or the other friend calls me up and says (excitedly) "hey the book which u r using ..yes yes that billi waala book "(OOMD Old edition) is not the one to be used...
Me, obviously in tension , try to sort things out ..ready for a 300rs "bamboo"..
the friend says "yes yes the bandar wala book is the one recommended". Now i am at my wits end considering the fact that i have already been through half of the book. I have no choice but to go out (yes ,chance to go out!!) and buy the book..After doing intense RnD from various books i have a tough time sorting the things out..When i am done with it, i glanced through a local author and found that it had nicely sorted out matter, drawn from various sources with exactly the same diagrams and yes university questions with the expected answers in a nice and attractive format..
i bring the local author book home and finally sit for studying..
When i started reading the book i realized that it was full of flaws and grammar was really screwed up...(yeah and at this time i realized that i have screwed my gramamr too..i have written in present tense halfway and past tense half wonder i got 55 in SSC english)..
somehow i am trying to pay full attention and this is the last exam of my engg...

PS: the example of OOMD is just for the sake of humor ..yeah that subject was in the last sem..some guy may come to me and say"yaar tere backlog ke baare mein bataaya nahi"

Outta Engg

Well i have made this blog while my last engg exams are around the corner (actually i shud be slogging )...well i would like to express the world from a Fresher Engg student point of view.
For the uninitiated, i am a student of computer engg from RSCOE (dont ask me the full form of that...try google instead)